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Honda Airport
Honda eapōto
International Air Transport Association airport code: noneInternational Civil Aviation Organization airport code: none
Airport type Private
Operator Honda Airways
Location Okegawa, Saitama, Japan
Elevation Above mean sea level 39 Foot (length) / 12 Metre
Runway Length Surface
Metre Foot (length)
14/32 600 1,968 Paved

Honda Airport (ホンダエアポート Honda eapōtoJapanese) is a private airfield in the town of Kawajima, Saitama, Hiki District, Saitama, and the city of Okegawa, Saitama, both in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Another name for it is Okegawa Airfield. The operator is Honda Airways, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd.


The location of the airfield is 35°58'21" north latitude, 139°31'42" east longitude. The elevation is 11.9 m. Honda has a runway measuring 600 m long and 25 m wide. The airfield has an area of 59 ha. It operates from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (or sunset).

Prior to World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army developed the site and operated it as Kawataya Airfield. It was established as Honda Airfield in 1964, and received a license for aircraft to operate there in 1967. Helicopter operations commenced in 1975, and in 2003, the Tochigi Prefecture disaster-prevention helicopter began operating there. Saitama Prefecture also operates at Honda.

Honda Airways operates sightseeing, aerial photography and surveying, advertising and publicity flights.

The airfield also serves as a location for television dramas.

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