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Honda CB500
CB500R - Sebring Evolution exhaust
Types of motorcycleNaked bike
Engine499 cc parallel twin
Power (physics)57.1 Horsepower
Torque46 Nm at 8000 RPM
Transmission (mechanics)Chain
Tires110/80-17" 57H front, 130/80-17 65H rear
Rake (angle), Mechanical trail27°20', 113 mm
Wheelbase1430 mm
DimensionsLength 2090 mm Width 720 mm Height 1050 mm
Seat height775 mm
Weight170 kg
Fuel capacity18 Litre

The Honda CB500 is a Naked bike Motorbike which was produced by Honda from 1993 to 2003. It is an excellent beginners bike, with outstanding maneuverability for its size. It is very popular with riding schools and motorcycle couriers. It is highly suited as a commuter bike, especially when fitted with a windshield for extended high speed riding. It is raced in the UK in the Honda CB500 Cup.[1]

A half-faired variant called the Honda CB500S was produced from 1998 to 2003.

Production ceased in 2003 as the engine could not meet European emission standards.



The 499Cubic centimetre parallel twin DOHC engine was designed, according to Honda engineers, to last for 300,000 km. One bike was tested by Moto Revue from 1993 to 1996. Dismantled at 50,000 km, the engine was in perfect condition. At 100,000 km only the distribution chain and the pistons were replaced, although, in the tester's opinion, it could have run with the original parts for longer with no problems.[2]

Type Aluminium liquid-cooled eight-valve parallel twin with balancer shaft
Capacity 499cc
Bore x stroke 73/59.5mm
Compression 10.5:1
Camshafts Dual overhead cams, chain driven
Carbs 2 x 34mm flat-slide Keihin VPs
Ignition Digital transitorised, electronic advance
Clutch Wet multi-plate
Fuel Unleaded petrol 91 octane minimum

Model History

CB500-R (1994-1995)

First model. Naked version only, rear drum brake. Silver wheels. Nissin front brake. Available in black, red, green and blue. Made in Japan.

CB500-T (1996)

No significant changes. Some of these were made in Italy.

CB500-V (November 1996)

Front brake changes to Brembo, rear brake changes to Brembo disk brake. Silver wheels. CB500 cup race series starts. Special silver model with cup logo introduced. Production moved to Italy.

CB500-W & CB500S-W (1998)

CB500-W (naked bike) now available in red, yellow, black and silver. CB500-SW first 'sport' half-faired model with new headlight, clocks and bar layout. Came in red, yellow and black.

CB500-X & CB500S-X (December 1998)

No changes.

CB500-Y & CB500S-Y (2000-2003)

Colours change to black, red and metallic blue.


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