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Honda Shadow 600
Production:1988 – present
Class:Custom (motorbike)
Engine:583 Cubic centimetre
Power:39 Horsepower (29 Kilowatt) @ 6500 Rpm
Torque:49 Newton metre (5.0 m·Kgf, 36 ft·Lbf) @ 3500 rpm
Length:2,355 mm mm (92.7 in)
Width:840 mm (33.1 in)
Seat height:690 mm (27.2 in)
Overall height:? mm (? in)
Curb weight:199 Kilogram (439 Pound (mass))
Similar models:Yamaha Virago 535
Yamaha DragStar 650

The Honda Shadow 600 is commonly known as the Honda VLX. However, the internal designation numbers used by Honda are VT600C. It is a V-twin motorcycle made by Honda.

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