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Honda Torneo
JDM Honda Torneo
Production1997 - 2002
PredecessorHonda Rafaga
Honda Ascot
Car body style4-door Sedan (car)
Automobile layoutFF layout/AWD
Internal combustion engine1.8 L F18B Straight-4 VTEC
2.0 L F20B SOHC Straight-4 VTEC
2.0 L F20B DOHC Straight-4 VTEC
2.2 L H22A DOHC Straight-4 VTEC
Transmission (mechanics)4 speed Automatic transmission
5 speed Manual transmission
Wheelbase2,665 mm (104.9 in)
Length4,680 mm (184.3 in)
Width1,720 mm (67.7 in))
Height1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Curb weight1,390 kg (3,100 lb)
RelatedAcura RL
Honda Inspire
Honda Odyssey
JDM Honda Accord

The Honda Torneo (Japanese language: Ja:ホンダ・トルネオ) is not related to the Ford Torneo, which was a minivan. "Torneo" is Spanish for "tournament". As Honda decided to consolidate models being offered in Japan, the Torneo replaced the Honda Ascot and Honda Rafaga. The Torneo was very similar to the JDM Honda Accord. The Torneo had more of a performance approach in comparison to the traditional Accord, utilizing a different front grille, headlights and tail lights. The Torneo was available with HID headlights, which were uncommon at the time. The Torneo was available with AWD on the "Euro R" trim level. 4 engines were available, all equipped with Honda's VTEC technology. The Torneo was a similar approach to the Honda Vigor, which had been discontinued earlier as a sportier version of the Accord. A few sport packages were available on the Torneo, such as the "Euro R", the "SiR-T", and the "SiR Euro".

As sales of the Accord proved more popular than the Torneo, the Torneo was discontinued in 2002.

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