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Honda Vamos
Automotive industryHonda
PredecessorHonda T360
SuccessorHonda Acty
Car classificationMicrovan
Car body style2-door Pickup truck
Internal combustion engine354 cc

The Honda Vamos is a Microvan produced by Japanese automaker Honda from 1970 to 1973. Available as a Pickup truck, it replaced the Honda T360. The Vamos used a 354 cc gasoline engine. The Vamos was reintroduced in the 90s'

Vamos & Vamos Hobio

Honda Vamos
1999 Honda Vamos
Honda Vamos Hobio
Automotive industryHonda
Also calledHonda Vamos Hobio
ProductionVamos: 1999-present
Hobio: 2003-present
PredecessorHonda Street
Car classificationKei car
Car body style5-door hatchback
Internal combustion engine659cc petrol
RelatedHonda Acty

The Honda Vamos was reintroduced in 1999, and was joined by its twin, the Honda Vamos Hobio in 2003. Both are Kei car with 659cc petrol engines.

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