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The Honda WOW (WOW stands for Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon) was a Concept car created by the Automobile division of Honda. The WOW was first introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The WOW was designed to fit the needs of both a person and their Dog.

Design of the WOW

The WOW (which was built as just a design concept) was designed to fit the needs of both man and man's best friend. The WOW was built with a low Center of gravity, giving the WOW a more stable driving experience. This low center of gravity allows dogs to feel more comfortable in the WOW. The WOW makes driving comfortable for dogs because it additionally features wood-paneled floors. It also sports a state-of-the-art instrument panel featuring a lid that reveals a crate to carry smaller dogs. The WOW also features average ventilation and a center walk-through, allowing dogs to walk around the car.


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