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Honda X4
Honda X-4 mod.jpg
Types of motorcycleCruiser (motorcycle)
Engine1298 cc water-cooled inline 4
Wheelbase165 cm (65 in)
DimensionsLength 233 cm (92 in) Width 74.5 cm (29.3 in)
Seat height73 cm (29 in)
Weight249 kg (550 lb) (Dry weight (motorcycle)), 270 kg (600 lb) (Wet weight (motorcycle))
RelatedHonda CB1300

The Honda X4 is a 1298 cc motorcycle produced by Honda from model years 1997–2003, after which production was discontinued.

Its powerful transverse-mounted, inline 4-cylinder, water-cooled engine was later used in the Honda CB1300, but the X4 version was geared to provide more low-end torque. The bike's visual appearance is distinctive, marked by its low-slung profile, solid disc rear wheel, bulbous yet angular side panels, and stubby, large-diameter chrome exhausts.

Created as an answer to the Yamaha V-Max, the X4 was sold primarily in Japan, but a number of bikes found their way to Europe, notably Germany, where the X4 enjoys a cult following.


In the 2000 model year, a new version, the X4 LD ("Low Down") was introduced. It offered a slightly lowered seat and overall frame, improved suspension (with "piggyback"-style Showa rear shock absorbers), and minor cosmetic differences including an unpainted engine block (versus the black of the original) and lightweight latticework inner rotors on the front brakes (the originals were solid discs). In 2003, the final model year, the LD was offered in a special "black edition", in which many of the body parts were colored black or dark charcoal grey. Very few of this edition were produced. Many Honda X4 bikes were sold in Russia at second-hand market.

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