Honda CBX750

The Honda's RC17 (also known as the CBX750E/F/G) is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda primarily for the European, South African and Australian markets. Manufactured from 1984 to 1988, the CBX750 was developed from the CB750, in parallel with the VF750, a wholly new design. It is also used for motocycle police in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Turkey..

Honda CBX750
CBX750 Lon.jpg
ClassSport touring
Engine747 ccm straight-4

Bore x stroke: 67.0 x 53.0 mm (2.6 x 2.1 inches)

Power: 91.00 hp (66.4 kW) @ 9500 rpm
Transmission6-speed, chain drive
electric starter
SuspensionFront tyre: 110/90R16
Rear tyre: 130/80R18
BrakesFront: dual discs
Rear: single disc
Fuel capacity22 L (5.81 gallons)
CBX 750 Hong Kong police model

The CBX750 was a stop-gap model which Honda produced whilst the VFR750 V4 was being developed to replace the unreliable VF750 model. Like the VF750 the CBX750 is prone to camchain problems, mainly the failure of the tensioner mechanism, lasting approximately 75,000 km.

The CBX750 is an unusual 80s motorcycle engine in that the starter motor and alternator are also chain driven and the usual tensioner problems – i.e. the failure of the spring-loaded tensioner blade mechanism, which act as chain guides – can cause serious engine problems, even engine seizure.

Another quirk of the pre-1988 CBX750 was its 16-inch diameter front wheel, which restricts replacement tyre choice. Somehow the CBX 750 escaped the ill handling effects of the 16-inch front many of its rivals had. The bike also features a mainly decorative anti-dive mechanism on the front forks.

The CBX750 was available in red, black or silver colour schemes and originally cost around £2800 new in 1984, although poor sales led Honda UK to cut about £300 off the RRP to sell stocks faster in 1985 before the launch of the VFR750 in 1986.

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