Honda CHF50

The CHF50 is a scooter manufactured by Honda. It is known as the Metropolitan in the United States, the Jazz in Canada, the Scoopy in Australia and the Crea Scoopy in Japan. It can reach a maximum speed of just less than 40 mph (65 km/h) on flat ground and a maximum speed of 43 mph downhill. The Metropolitan has typical gas mileage of 80–110 mpg (US) (34–43 km/l).

Honda Metropolitan
Engine49 cc 4-stroke
DimensionsL 1705 mm (67.1 in) W 625 mm (24.6 in) H 1000 mm (39.4 in)
Weight74 kg (163 lb)
Fuel capacity5 l (Template:Convert/impgal usgal)

Design Concept

While the CHF50 is one of several 49cc scooters offered by Honda since the early 1960s, it is notable for its "classic" Vespa-inspired styling and modern mechanical parts. In the United States, it debuted as the Metropolitan in model year 2002.

The CHF50 has a large lockable center compartment, located below the seat, which can hold a helmet with room to spare. It also features locking handle bars which can lock the wheel at a 45 degree angle to make it harder to push.

History and Variations

Honda Metropolitan (US)

A Honda Metropolitan parked at a campus bike rack at UNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

US Models of the CHF50 were two-tone, with white and one other color, between 2002 and 2007. Since 2008 several colors have been released that are not two-tone and don't feature a white color. There has been some criticism of Honda from North American consumers regarding the models available compared to the greater variation of the Japanese domestic and Australian lineup.

Colors and changes by model year:
2002: Initial offering includes colors Blue ("Denim"), Red ("Salsa"), Green ("Kiwi"), Yellow ("Solar"), Orange ("Juice"), and Light Blue ("Sky"). This first year featured white "fenders" at the rear and a colored compartment. Brown seats, floorboards, and grips were featured on the Denim scheme.
2003: Color scheme is reversed at the rear of the scooter. Compartment is now white and fenders are colored. Black seats on all models.
2004: Same as 2003, plus two special graphical paint schemes are added: "Blue Hibiscus" and "Checkers"
2005: Sky and Juice are discontinued, but two more special graphical paint schemes are added: "Kanji" and "Orange Ice"
2006: Kiwi, Solar, and Checkers are discontinued. Available in Blue ("Denim"), Red ("Salsa"), and three special paint schemes; "Blue Ice," "Peach Hibiscus," and "Red Kanji".
2007: All previous color schemes are discontinued. Available in Bright Blue Metallic ("Sapphire"), Dark Red Metallic ("Ruby"), and two special paint schemes; "Pink Hibiscus," and "Purple Kanji".
2008: Dark Red Metallic ("Ruby") continued from 2007, with three new schemes added: Light Blue Metallic ("Ocean"), Solid Red ("Monza") (with chrome trim), and "Gothic" (black/gray with chrome trim).
2009: Light Blue Metallic ("Ocean"), Solid Red ("Monza") (with chrome trim), and Black/Grey ("Graphite" - formerly "Gothic") (with chrome trim) are continued from 2008. A new color: Solid White ("Ghost") (with brown floor, seat, and grips) is added.

Honda Jazz (Canada)

The Jazz colors are analogous to US configuration but have slightly different names. The decal model name on the fenders is also different.

2005: Yellow, Jolly Red, Denim Blue, Kanji
2006: Jolly Red, Denim Blue, "Special Chinese Print Red", "Special Cracked Print Blue"
2007: All previous color schemes are discontinued. Three new colors released: Bright Blue Metallic ("Sapphire"), Dark Red Metallic ("Ruby"), and one special paint schemes; "Pink Hibiscus"
2008: All previous color schemes are discontinued. Three new colors released: Nassau Blue Metallic, Monza Red, Pure Black/Penguin Grey

Honda Scoopy (Australia)

Current Colors: Juice Orange and Millennium Silver Metallic

Honda Crea Scoopy (Japan)

Current Colors: Red/Black and Grey/Black

Confusion with Metropolitan II in USA

Until 2006, Honda offered the Metropolitan II ("two") in the United States, which is not a CHF50, although it appears identical to the Metropolitan. The Met II is a CHF50P and is speed-limited by the factory to 25 mph (40 km/h). This permits classification as a moped in those states allowing use by unlicensed or younger riders. There are procedures available online to "De-restrict" the CH50P by replacing several key engine components. Honda Metropolitan scooters' VIN sticker denotes them as a "Motor-Driven Cycle".

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