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Also calledSilver Wing
Transmission5 speed
Suspensionair front and back
Weight500 lb (227 kg)
Fuel capacity5 gal
RelatedHonda CX series, Honda Goldwing

The Honda GL500 Silver Wing was a mid-sized touring bike introduced in 1981 as a variant of the CX500 series. The GL500 engine was similar to the CX500 engine, but had the more reliable transistorized ignition system, so that the stator could contain only charging windings, and thus put out more power for operating lights and electronic devices commonly added to touring machines. The GL500 also sported Honda's Pro-Link monoshock rear suspension, and was available both as a naked bike, as well as an Interstate model which included a large factory fairing and hard saddlebags and trunk. This made the Silverwing look like a miniature GL1100 Goldwing.

In 1983 the Honda GL650 was introduced, increasing engine power to Template:Convert/hp. Although the performance of the GL650 Silver Wing was much better than that of the GL500 Silver Wing this model was discontinued in 1984.

The brand name was resurrected in 2001 with the Silver Wing scooter.

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