Honda Phantom

The Honda Phantom TA200 is a single cylinder Thai-made "chopper" motorcycle. It is known in Australia as the TA Shadow.

Honda Phantom TA200
Honda Phantom
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Overall design is very similar to the Honda TA150. The major differences are that the TA200 contains a 4 stroke engine and higher engine displacement.

This motorcycle is very popular in Singapore due to it being one of the few cruisers available for a class 2B license (the most basic motorcycle license in Singapore). Class 2B license holders are only allowed to ride motorcycles with displacement below 200cc, and the Phantom TA 200 fits in nicely with a 197cc engine.

If purchased new Honda has a 3 year protection guarantee


As taken from the Honda user manual:


Overall length 2,260 mm
Overall width 730 mm
Overall height 1,100mm
Wheelbase 1,505 mm
Ground clearance 148 mm


dry weight 140 kg
Maximum load 126 kg


Engine oil (after draining) 1.0 L
Engine oil (after disassembly) 1.2 L
Fuel tank 11.2 L
Fuel reserve 2.68 L


Bore and stroke 63.5 x 62.2 mm
Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
Displacement 196.9 cm3
Maximum power 17,0 PS @ 8.000 RPM
Maximum torque 16,3 Nm (1,66 kgf.m) @ 6.500 rpm
General Fuel Consumption 37km/l to 42km/l

Maintenance Recommendations

Engine oil ~ Maxima Extra, 1.2 L per 2000km

Spark plug ~ Change per 5000km

Air filter ~ Clean per 5000km. Change per 10000km

Brake Fluid ~ Change per 10000km. Top up if low level.

Cleaning the carburetor is discouraged unless you are a very competent mechanic.
Tune and clean only if problem arises. Under the fuel switch is a small bowl which can be cleaned to remove water or debris.

Brake Pads ~ Honda Original

Chain ~ DID
Lubricate per 500km (Scottoiler[1], Maxima Chain Spray or used engine oil)
Change when it can no longer be tightened

Sprockets ~ Usually change together with chain

Tyres ~ Metzelers Lazertec Front, ME77 Back
When worn out or more than 5 years from manufactured date
When changing tyres, tell the mechanic to check wheel bearings as well

Full Servicing ~ per 5000km

Add-on recommendations

Crash Bar
Hazard Light Switch
Horn that is louder than the stock one

Common problems

Skidding due to stock tyres which are unsuitable for urban roads

Skidding due to overpowered rear brakes

Checking engine oil level weekly is recommended

The Camchain tensioner on this motorcycle is a point of failure, please check this regularly or consider buying another machine as failure of this component will cause major engine damage requiring total rebuild of the top end including Pistons, Valves and expensive labor costs.

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