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The Honda ST (for Sport Touring) series fills the gap between touring-oriented sport motorcycles such as the CBR1000F and full-dress tourers such as the Gold Wing.

Introduced in 1990, the ST1100 (Pan-European in Europe or just Pan to some owners) provided many of the ameneties required by touring enthusiasts in a sporty package better suited to European roads than the Gold Wing. Its successor, the ST1300, was introduced in 2002.

The ST1100

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The ST1100 is known to be extremely reliable. It runs smoothly, does not require much maintenance and has a drive shaft as opposed to a chain. Standard equipment includes panniers, making it easy to carry luggage and travel long distances.

The ST1100 features a 1083 cc longitudinal 90-degree V4 engine. This combined with the fuel tank below the saddle (the tank at the usual location is actually the cover for the air filter) give the ST1100 excellent riding behaviour.

The ST1300

Main article: Honda ST1300

The ST1300 features a 1261 cc V4 engine mounted as a stressed member in a lighter aluminum frame. The rear wheel is driven through a cassette-type five-speed transmission and the familiar shaft drive. The revised engine layout and a split fuel tank shift some of the weight downward, making the ST1300 less top-heavy than its predecessor. A long list of minor differences provided what some felt was an improvement on the ST1100's already excellent comfort, handling and performance.