Electro Gyrocator

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A dash mounted Electro Gyrocator
Internal workings of the Gas Gyroscope

The Electro Gyrocator was claimed to be the world's first automated commercially available automotive navigation system[1][2]. It was co-developed by Honda[3] and Alpine[4]. Unlike most navigation systems of today, it did not use GPS Satellites to maintain its position and discern movement of the vehicle. Rather, it contained an experimental gas gyroscope[5] that could detect both rotation and movement. Maps were placed inside the unit and it would scroll them past a CRT illumination screen as the car traveled along. In 1981, it was announced as an option on that year's Honda Accord, but at Y300,000 ($2,746 USD) it was almost a quarter of the value of the car[6]. It is not clear whether any units were actually delivered to customers in the form patented in the US in design patent D274332 [7] ; as a "dealer option", it's possible that Electo Gyrocators never appeared in any showrooms.


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