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The Honda Bros 400 is a motorcycle manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s by Honda for the Japanese market. In other markets it was known as the NT 400. The motorbike was imported to the European market usually second hand. The Bros 400 were quite popular for their durability, fuel efficiency, minimum maintenance requirements and all around character, making them excellent commuters. The bike is still quite popular in Greece and Ireland. There is also a bigger model, the Honda Bros 650. The liquid cooled V-twin engine is the same used in the Honda XRV750 (Africa Twin) (though in 750cc displacement in this case) and the Honda Transalp 400/600/650 series.


The purpose of the BROS has been debated since it first appeared. The twin spar aluminum frame and single sided swinging arm suggest a more sporty bike, yet the V-Twin engine suggests a bike built for cruising. So what is it then? It's two things: a cornering weapon thanks to its light weight, and a tuner's dream thanks to the range of after-market and other Honda components that bolt straight on. Popular modifications include using CBR 600 front ends, VFR wheels, and a range of Honda RC fairings including the RC30 and the RC31.

In the United Kingdom, the Honda BROS 400 is a popular bike for those who have just passed their Category A licenses as the bike is bang on 33BHP, the maximum limit allowed on the restricted license.

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