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Honda CB175 High-revving with a hard-charging nature of the engine producing 20 bhp. The engine was basically the same as the CD175, although it had twin carburettors, a lumpier camshaft and an extra gear. The bike ran on a 360 degree crankshaft in which both pistons rose and fell together. The main fault with the bike (as with most Hondas of the era) was the gearbox. It could be hard to select gears and as more miles got under the tyres, it seemed there were more false neutrals than gears. This in turn caused cylinder head problems as false neutrals caused excessive revs, damaging the valves and camshaft. The bike's main rival of the day was the Suzuki GT185.


Year of production
174 cm³
4 Stroke Air cooled Parallel. Single Over Head Cam
20 bhp
Top speed
85 mph (136 km/h)

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