Honda CB200

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Honda CB200
PredecessorHonda CB175
SuccessorHonda CB250
Engine198 cc
Transmission5 sp Man
BrakesDrum/Drum (A) Disk/Drum (B)
RelatedHonda CL200

The Honda CB200 (Honda Model # 354) is a road motorcycle (aka 'Sport') produced between 1973 and 1976. It is the largest of the CB Twin series that included 125, 160, 175 and 200 cc models. It has a chain driven SOHC#Single_overhead_camshaft parallel twin engine with dual carburetors and five speed gearbox. It had both an electric starter and kick starter. A distinguishing feature is plastic 'Fake Crocodile Skin' trim down the middle of the fuel tank. It has a related on/off road model the Honda CL200 that shares many parts.

Depending on where in the world the bike was sold it is know as a CB200A/CB200B or CB200K/CB200T. All CB200s had a rear drum brake. Early models (CB200A - 73 and 74) had a drum front brake, late models (CB200B - 75 and 76) had a cable operated front disk brake. The cable operated front disk brake is controversial and has contradicting reviews from woefully to quite acceptable. CB200 is a bit lacking in low end power and it needs to run at around 6000 RPM.

CB200 was a solid, well built bike introduced when Honda was breaking into many major markets (USA, Australia, England etc.).

CB200 is legal for some categories of Bucket racing.