Honda CB250 G5

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The Honda CB250 G5 is a motorcycle that was produced and sold mainly in Europe between 1975 and 1978. It had a capacity of 249cc (15.19 cubic inches). Produced with and very closely related to the CB360, the CB250 G5 was also a parallel twin, four stroke motorcycle.

The CB250 G5 had a six-speed gearbox similar to many of its competitors and those within the Honda brand. The motorcycle was relatively cheap and easy to maintain but this does not suggest it was of poor quality; well maintained examples remain in full working order today.

Honda billed the CB250 G5 in the original owners manual as "one of the finest sport-touring motorcycles available" and in many circumstances, considering the CB250 G5's engine capacity this was true.

The motorcycle was capable of around 90mph thanks to the 27bhp produced at 9500rpm