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The Honda CB360 was a twin cylinder four-stroke motorcycle produced from 1974-1976. It was the successor to the CB350.


Following in the footsteps of the enormously successful CB350 Twin, and providing an alternative to the very well reviewed CB350 and CB400 Fours, the CB360G of 1974 was really an all new motorcycle. The 360 engine was tuned for broad range torque, and ran through a six speed gearbox. Its nature was much more refined than its predecessor in many respects. It even had an optional disc front brake.


Displacement: 356 cc

Power: Template:Convert/hp @ 9000 rpm

Bore & Stroke: 67 mm x 50.6mm

Compression Ratio: 9.3:1

Fuel capacity: 2.9 gal (11.0 liters)

Dry Weight: 392 lbs (178 kg)

Front Tire: 3.00-18

Rear Tire: 3.5-18

Top Speed 102 MPH (164 km/h)

1976 CB 360.jpg