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The Honda CL100 was a reliable, 4 stroke single cylinder overhead cam motorcycle made and sold by Honda in the U.S. from 1970 to 1973. The CL designation indicated this model to be the "Scrambler" version which implied some off-road capability. (This was before real dirt-bikes were gaining popularity.) It was really just a street bike with lower gearing, a braced handlebar, and a high-mount exhaust.

Features: The CL100 was a full-featured motorcycle, which was fairly standard for Honda.

99 cc 4 stroke engine

5-speed transmission (1 down, 4 up pattern) with manual clutch

High mount chrome exhaust with heat-shield.

Full 6v electrical system, including headlight (hi/lo beam), taillight, brakelight, turn-signals, and horn.

Speedometer with neutral light, high-beam indicator, and odometer.

Chrome fenders.

The picture below is of a 1973 CL100S.

Honda cl100.jpg

Performance: The 99 cc engine produced 11.5 HP according to Honda. This was sufficient to propel the bike with a small rider to about 70 mph. The CL100 was also available in a model designated CL100S (1971-1973), which had a governor to reduce power to 5 HP to meet some state restrictions for younger operators. In this mode, top speed was about 50 mph.

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