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Honda Clr

Introduced in 1998, The Honda CLR125 CityFly launched as a dual purpose motorcycle and is powered by a 124cc DOHC single cylinder engine. Despite popular belief, the Honda CLR does not have the same engine as the Honda CG. The engine is actually the same used on the offroad Honda XLR motorcycle. The bike was manufactured in three colours, red, black and green. The Honda CLR CityFly was discontinued in 2003.

Specifications (all models)

Overall length 2070 mm
Overall width 780 mm
Overall height 1135 mm
Wheelbase 1380 mm
Seat height 815 mm
Footpeg height 330 mm
Ground clearance 260 mm
Dry weight 118 kg
Curb weight 128 kg
Maximum weight capacity 180 kg

Frame type Diamond
Front suspension Telescopic fork
Front axle travel 162 mm
Front fork stroke 180 mm
Rear suspension Swingarm
Rear axle travel 128 mm
Front tire size 90/90-19 52P
Rear tire size 110/90-17 60P
Front tire brand Bridgestone: TW41, Pirelli MT60
Rear tire brand Bridgestone: TW42, Pirelli MT60

Type Gasoline air-cooled 4 stroke
Cylinder arrangement Sinle cylinder inclined 15' from vertical
Bore and stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Displacement 124cc
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Valve train Chain driven, SOHC
Intake valve opens 15' BTDC (at 1 mm lift)
Closes 20' ABDC (at 1 mm lift)
Exhaust valve opens 35' BBDC (at 1 mm lift)
Closes 0' ATDC (at 1 mm lift)
Lubrication system Forced pressure and wet sump
Oil pump type Trachoid
Air filtration Viscous paper element
Engine dry weight 29 kg


Information from Honda CLR workshop manual.