Honda Cub F

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Honda Cub F
ManufacturerHonda Motor Company
Engine50 cc air-cooled two-stroke
Top speed35 km/h
Power1hp @ 3,600 rpm
Torque0.20 kgm @ 3,000 rpm

The Honda Cub F is a motorized bicycle, sometimes also categorized as a moped, introduced by Honda in 1952. It is a "clip-on" gasoline engine kit for bicycles produced by other manufacturers.

This product was a formative success for the new company, establishing their first nation-wide independent dealer network. Managing director Takeo Fujisawa initiated a direct-mail campaign to the country's 50,000 bicycle dealers, generating about 30,000 replies. He also instigated a hire-purchase scheme to allow customers to spread payments across 12 months. Honda shipped 6,000 Cub F units in October 1952, and 9,000 in December.[1]

Production ceased in 1954, with the company citing consumer demand shifting to better products as Japan's postwar economy improved, and quality problems with the bicycle components that Honda had no control over.[2]


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