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Honda Dreams Fund is a community project provided under the Honda Global Philanthropy Initiative. In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the project provides underprivileged youths with a full scholarship to pursue a higher education in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2007 40 scholarships have been awarded.[1]

Though Honda places an emphasis on delivering products, technologies and services that will make people’s lives better and more comfortable, the company equally strives to be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the lives of individuals and their communities.

Honda states they are taking on a new challenge to realize not just their dreams but the dreams of many. Focusing on underprivileged youths who deserve the opportunity of a higher education to achieve their dreams and aspirations, Honda wants to help them discover the joy and fulfillment of realizing their dreams. Most importantly, Honda wants them to realize their true potential and help build a better future. This is the foundation behind the Honda Dreams Fund, a philanthropic initiative that provides full scholarships to 20 promising underprivileged youths.

Working in partnership with the United Nations Development Program, the Honda Dreams Fund is the company’s answer to ensure that underprivileged youths gain the opportunity to empower themselves with education and knowledge. Honda’s belief in that the power of dreams has taken them to greater heights, and now the company will help others take their first steps to realizing the power of their dreams.


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