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The E-series was a collection of successive humanoid robots created by the Honda Motor Company between 1986 and 1991. The robots were only experimental, and later evolved into the Honda P series, with Honda eventually amassing the knowledge and experience necessary to create Honda's advanced humanoid robot: ASIMO.

E0, unveiled in 1986, was the very first robot. It walked in a straight line on two feet, in a manner resembling human locomotion, taking around 5 seconds to complete a single step. Quickly engineers realised that in order to walk up slopes, the robot would need to travel faster.[1] The model has 6 degrees of freedom: 1 in each groin, 1 in each knee and 1 in each ankle.

E1, unveiled in 1987, was larger than the first and walked at 0.25 km/h.[2] Since the model, the E-series robots have 12 degrees of freedom: 3 in each groin, 1 in each knee and 2 in each ankle.

E2, unveiled in 1989, could travel at 1.2km/h, through the development of 'dynamic movement.'[2]

E3, unveiled in 1991, travelled at 3km/h, the average speed of a walking human.[2]

E4, unveiled in 1991, lengthened the knee to achieve speeds of up to 4.7km/h[3]

E5, unveiled in 1992, was able to walk autonomously, albeit with a very large head[3]

E6, unveiled in 1993, was able to autonomously balance, walk over obstacles, and even climb stairs[3]

Weight 16.5 kg 72 kg 67.7 kg 86 kg 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg 175 kg
Height 101.3 cm 128.8 cm 132 cm 136.3 cm 159.5 cm 170 cm 174.3 cm 191.5 cm
Degrees of freedom 6 12 12 12 12 12 12 30
(12 in legs)
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