Honda Odyssey FL250

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The Honda Odyssey FL250 ATV

The Honda Odyssey was manufactured between 1976 and 1986. The Odyssey was a 2 stroke engine, single seat buggy. Honda first began with the FL250, a 249cc Honda engineered 2 cycle buggy. The Fl250 was first released in 1976. This model did not feature a roll cage as such, but a roll bar positioned behind the drivers seat. This model also lacked rear suspension, making it easy to roll and lose control. The frame was painted in black and the guards were yellow plastic. In 1980, Honda released a updated model of the Odyssey Fl250. This new model featured a full roll cage painted in red, with red guards. Other changes in this model are various mechanical parts.

Honda FL350

The FL350 was released in 1985, featuring many key changes. The FL350 featured a 329cc 2 stroke engine, drum brakes on both front rims, rear disk brakes, independent Trailing Arm front suspension, rear A-arm suspension, electric start, stronger roll cage, 4 point harness and a reverse gear. The FL350 has over time become rare, as sales were low due to the purchase cost of the buggy.

Honda Pilot

The first Honda Pilot was not a car, however another Honda atv, taking after the FL350 in 1989. The Pilot featured a 400cc water cooled 2 stroke, and fully independent suspension on all wheels. The changes on the pilot in comparison were major, however the framework and rollcage on the Pilot was not as strong as the FL350.


The FL350 and Pilot were faily well built, not having as many problems as the FL250. The FL250 suffers now from rust behind the seat, craked frames due to lack of rear suspension and bent frames from rollovers. Rims also rusted out from behind, causing dangerous risks. Parts are getting harder and harder to locate as the FL250 ages.