Honda PC50

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Honda PC50
ManufacturerHonda Motor Company
Also called"Little Honda PC50"
Production1969 -1971
Engine49 cc air-cooled four-stroke
Top speed50 km/h
Power1.8 hp @ 5,700 rpm
Torque0.29 kg-m @ 3,500 rpm
DimensionsL 1.755 m W .600 m H 1.030 m
Seat height.780 m
Weight50 kg
Fuel capacity3.0 l
Fuel consumption90 km/l @ 25 km/h
Turning radius1.300 m
Climbing ability5 degrees

The Honda PC50 is a moped introduced in May 1969 that is stylistically similar to Honda's popular Super Cub line, with a step-through pressed-steel frame, a gas tank under the saddle, a chain cover, and sometimes equipped with a forward leg guard.

A distinctive feature of the PC50 is the use of a four-stroke engine, when almost all pedal-equipped mopeds use simpler two-stokes. Honda's early development of 50 cc four-strokes was a result of Soichiro Honda's dislike of the sharp noise of two-strokes.[1]


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