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Although there is, strictly speaking, no Honda RC Series, the RC name has had a long and storied connection with both production and racing Honda motorcycles. The RC prefix has long been associated with racing motorcycles manufactured by the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), a subsidiary of the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. of Japan. Stretching from Honda's entry onto the motorcycle grand prix stage in 1959 to the present day, HRC-built racing motorcycles have been designated with RC-prefixes.

In the late 1980s Honda began to enter its production motorcycles in superbike, or production-based, racing series, such as the new FIM Superbike World Championship. The most successful of these was the VFR750R, which eventually became better known by its Model Number, RC30. Since at least the late 1970s production Honda motorcycles have been given Model Numbers corresponding to the displacement category into which their engines fell, and the VFR750R was the 30th production Honda motorcycle model with an engine displacement between 650cc and 899cc. Similarly, the Honda RVF750R is also known by the designation RC45. However, the RC45's replacement, the VTR1000 SP-1 (Model Number: SC45) was marketed under the name RC51, but only in the United States.

Honda Racing Motorcycles
Model Model years Engine Configuration Engine Displacement
RC71 1958 Twin 247.33cc
RC110 1962 Single 49.00cc
RC111 1962 Single 49.99cc
RC112 1962 Twin 49.61cc
RC113 1963 Twin 49.61cc
RC114 1964 Twin 49.61cc
2RC114 19?? ??? cc
RC115 1965 Twin 49.75cc
RC116 1966 Twin 49.77cc
RC142 1959 Twin 124.68cc
RC143 1960 Twin 124.68cc
2RC143 1961 Twin 124.68cc
RC144 1961 Twin 124.69cc
RC145 1962 Twin 124.68cc
RC146 1963 Inline-4 123.15cc
2RC146 1964 Inline-4 123.15cc
4RC146 1965 Inline-4 123.15cc
RC148 1965 Inline-5 124.02cc
RC149 1966 Inline-5 124.42cc
RC160 1959 Inline-4 249.37cc
RC161 1960 Inline-4 249.37cc
RC162 1961 Inline-4 249.37cc
RC163 1962 Inline-4 249.37cc
RC164 1963 Inline-4 249.3cc
3RC164 1964 Inline-6 247.43cc
3RC164 1965 Inline-6 247.28cc
RC165 1965 Inline-6 247.28cc
RC166 1966 Inline-6 249.42cc
RC171 1962 Inline-4 339.43cc
RC174 1967 Inline-6 297.06cc
RC181 1967 Inline-4 499.6cc
RCB1000 1976 Inline-4 997.48cc
RC211V 2001-2006 V-5 990cc
RC212V 2007-present V-4 800cc