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Honda SL70 Motosport, which was introduced in 1971, was a genuine small motorcycle, with a tube frame and all the right stuff, including a four-speed gearbox. Numerous versions were made until 1976, although it took on the XL designation in 1974.


Year of Production: 1971–1972
Displacement: 72 cm³
Engine: 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder, single overhead cam
Ignition: Breaker points, 6 volts
Power 6.5 PS (4.8 kW) @ 9,500 rpm
Transmission:4 speed
Fuel system: Carburettor
Valves: 2 valves per cylinder

1971 to 1972 it is known as an SL70K0.
It was available three colors: Summer Yellow, Aquarius Blue, and Light Ruby red.
The Honda emblem was blue with a blue and red logo reading "SL70"
On the yellow bike, the tank stripe was black; but on the other colors the stripe was white.
Speedometer was optional
Serial number began SL70-1000001
Spark Plug: NGK C7HSA

In 1973 it was known as an SL70K1
Available colors: Candy Riviera Blue, Fire Red, and Candy Yellow
The fuel tank and "70" decals were yellow
A speedometer was now standard
The serial number began SL70-1100001

In 1974 it was called the XL70 although it was basically the same bike.