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Honda Spree moped.
A 1985 Honda Spree, missing the rare easily lost vacuum operated fuel shutoff valve cover.

The Honda Spree or Nifty 50 (NQ50) was a small 49 cc motor scooter made by Honda in the mid 1980s. Honda marketed three different models based on the Spree's design. In most states it was legally classified as a moped and could reach a top speed of roughly 50 kilometres per hour (30 mph).

Model year changes

  • 1985: For 1985, the Spree logo changed from a smaller italic font to a larger cursive font. The white exterior color was replaced with black. The Spree logo was changed to a cursive look with a long tailed S
  • 1986: The Spree gets a kick start. The white color was back. A limited edition green was also offered for this model year. The Spree logo changed again to an easier to read cursive version.
  • 1987: A blue color is offered. The dash, front signal lamps and tail lamps were redesigned to a more aerodynamic shape. Also added was a glovebox located behind the shield or front of the scooter located underneath the handlebars and in front of the floorboard.

VIN Codes and Colors

VIN Codes
YearColorsVINIOWA VINEngine CodeIowa EngineProduct Code
1984Sparkling Red, Cortina WhiteJH2AF060*ES000004JH2AF061*ES013344AF05E-2000001AF05E-2013351GK8
1985Sparkling Red, BlackJH2AF060*FS000001JH2AF061*FS000001AF05E-2013351AF05E-2013351GK8
1986Sparkling Red, Black, *Shasta White/Lollipop GreenJH2AF060*GS200001JH2AF061*GS000001AF05E-2200001AF05E-2200001GK8
1987Sparkling Red, Black, Kriti BlueJH2AF060*HS300001JH2AF061*HS300001AF06E-2400001AF06E-2400001GK8
*The Shasta White/Lollipop Green color combination was only available on the NQ50D Spree Special.


Length1,530 mm (60.2 in) After '86: 1,505 mm (59.3 in)
Width590 mm (23.2 in)
Height925 mm (36.4 in) After '86: 950 mm (37.4 in)
Wheel base1,065 mm (41.9 in)
Ground Clearance105 mm (4.1 in)
Dry Weight39 kg (86 lb) '86: 41.8 kg (92 lb) After '86: 42.5 kg (94 lb)
Typebackbone shaped
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork, 56 mm (2.2 in) travel
Rear SuspensionSwing Arm 58 mm (2.3 in) travel After '86: 45.5 mm (1.79 in)
Maximum Weight Capacity82 kg (180 lb)
Front Tire2-50-10-2PR (1.25 kgf/cm², 18 psi, 120 kPa)
Rear Tire2-50-10-2PR (1.75 kg/cm², 24 psi, 170 kPa)
BrakesInternal Expanding Shoes
Fuel Capacity2.5 L (0.66 U.S. gal)
Caster Angle27 degrees
Trail76 mm (3.0 in)
TypeAir cooled 2-stroke single cylinder with a 15 degree incline from vertical
Bore & Stroke41.0 x 37.4 mm (1.61 x 1.47 in)
Displacement49 cubic centimeters (3.0 ci.)
Compression Ratio7.2:1 86: 6.8:1 After '86:6.8:1 (7.0:1 Iowa)
LubricationOil injection mixed with gasoline
Engine Weight10 kg (22 lb) After '85: 11 kg (24 lb)
Idle800 +/- 100 rpm
ModelPA29C After '86: PA29H (PA29L Iowa)
Air screw settings1⅞ turns out '86: 1½ turns out After '86: 1⅜ turns out
Float level12.2 mm (0.48 in)

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