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The Honda VTR1000F is a V-twin sportbike manufactured by Honda. Known in the U.S. as the SuperHawk, outside the U.S. it is marketed as the Firestorm.


The Firestorm was introduced in 1997 after the Ducati 916 made twin cylinder sportbikes popular again. It was an early-release 1998 model year bike.

A black Firestorm

The Firestorm used an all new 90-degree V-twin. The bike introduced several new design concepts such as the "semi-pivotless frame", side radiators, single-casting engine case, connecting rods with cap screws instead of nuts, and the largest carburetors Honda ever put on a motorcycle (48 mm). "Semi- Pivotless frame" meant that engine was a stressed member with the swingarm bolted directly to the engine.

One motorcycle magazine suggested (circa 2000) that this bike was the fastest 0-60 mph production bike at the time.

A racing version of the bike was expected from Honda.

Racing variant

In 2000 Honda produced the RVT1000R (RC51) known outside the United States as the VTR1000 SP-1, though the bike had only four engine parts in common with the SuperHawk. The RC51 was an entirely new V-twin racing platform that won the Superbike World Championship in its first year of racing with Colin Edwards and the Castrol team.


From model year 2001, Honda introduced a number of improvements. These included increasing the tank from 16 liters (3.5 gallons) to 19 liters (4.2 gallons), internal modifications to the front forks, an improved riding position thanks to less steeply raked clip-on bars and an LCD display for fuel level, engine temperature, dual trip meters, odometer and clock. A Honda Ignition Security System (HISS) immobiliser also became standard.

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