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Honda Wave
Honda Wave 125 S 2007.jpg
Also calledHonda NF, Honda Innova
PredecessorHonda Super Cub
Engine100-125cc SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled
Power9.3 PS @ 7,500 rpm (125 cc carburetor type), 9,18 PS @ 7.500 rpm (125 cc fuel injection type)
Torque1.03 kgf.m @ 4,000 rpm 125 cc carburetor type), 0,99 kgf.m /5.000 rpm (125 cc fuel injection type)
SuspensionFront: Telescopic fork
Rear: Swingarm
Fuel capacity3.7 l
RelatedHonda Sonic

Honda Wave series, also known as Honda NF series, Honda Innova (in Europe), and Honda Supra (in Indonesia) is a series of small motorcycle models (known as an underbone) manufactured by Honda Motor Co. Ltd as a successor of the world's most popular motorcycle model, Honda Cub series. It debuted in 1995 especially for Asian and European market. While the older Honda Cubs use pressed steel frame that also acts as the main body, Honda Wave uses steel tubes for the frames and plastic cover sets for the body.

Honda Wave comes with three displacement options - 100cc, 110cc and 125cc. In addition to the three models that uses carburetors, Honda also produces the fuel-injected 125cc model known as Honda Wave 125i, the first underbone that uses fuel injection.

In 2006, the Honda Wave motorcycle series were facelifted for better looks. In addition, the 125cc model includes a key slot cover for better protection against theft. Starting from 2007, the Honda Innova 125 in Europe began using fuel injection system to replace the carburetors used by most of the Honda Wave series.


Honda Wave 125

  • Engine type: SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled 124cc engine
  • Displacement: 124.9 cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9,3:1
  • Max Power: 9.3 PS @ 7,500 rpm (carburetor type), 9,18 PS @ 7.500 rpm (fuel injection type)
  • Max Torque: 1.03 kgf.m @ 4,000 rpm (carburetor type), 0,99 kgf.m /5.000 rpm (125 cc fuel injection type)
  • Max speed: 120 km/h
  • Transmission: 4-speed
  • Clutch: Wet multi-plate centrifugal
  • Starter: Kick and electric starter
  • Frame Type: Underbone steel tube
  • Suspension (F): Telescopic
  • Suspension (R): Swingarm
  • Brake (F): Disc/Mechanically actuated drum
  • Brake (R): Leading trailing drum/Disc (for some Supra X 125 models in Indonesia)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 L
  • Fuel system: Honda PGM-FI (Wave 125i, Supra X 125 PGM-FI and 2007 Honda Innova 125 only); carburetors (all other models)

Features of Honda Wave series

  • Under-seat storage compartment (known as U-box by Honda)
  • Front disc brake (standard for 125cc model; optional for 100cc and 110 cc model)
  • Roller-bearing rocker arms to reduce friction at the rocker arms (125cc model only)
  • Heavy-duty ceramic coated piston (125cc model only)
  • Fuel injection (Wave 125i only)
  • Digital odometer and fuel tank (standard for 125cc model in certain countries like Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia only)


A customized Honda Wave underbone.

The Honda Wave earned a significant reputation in several Asian countries, especially in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Maldives and in Thailand, where young people and adults alike own such vehicles. A reason for the Wave's popularity is because that the motorcycles can be easily customized, and parts and drivetrain upgrades are readily available.

Design rights issues

Because of the popularity of the Honda Wave's simple design, it has become a target of copycats from China and elsewhere, to the point of copying it outright. And because they were cheaper compared to the rather high-end Wave, they are favorites.

The National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines has recently seized several motorcycles that were very similar or otherwise almost identical to the original Waves, from an establishment in Quezon City. The investigation disclosed that based on the case filed by Honda Motors, Philippines, the company's Philippine subsidiary, several establishments were engaged in the sale, manufacture, importation and distribution of Honda Wave clones. Honda alleged that it owns and controls allied intellectual motorcycle models in Wave 110S, Wave 125S, and Dream Excess in the Philippines and in several other countries, all registered in the Bureau of Patents.

Surveillance conducted confirmed the report that several distributors and manufacturers had been doing business using models very similar to Honda models with the markings "WAAEI 110", "LIFAN LFG 110-7A", "Dream Excess" and "LF100-5LIFAN", and under the trade names Lifan, Skygo, Euro Motor, Jianshe, Loncin, and many others.

Honda Wave in Egypt.

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