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Honda X11
ManufacturerHonda Racing Corporation
EngineType: 1137 cm³ liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder

Bore and Stroke: 79.0 mm x 58.0 mm
Compression Ratio: 11.0
Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Carburetion: Electronic fuel injection with automatic enricher

Wheelbase1.510 m
DimensionsL 2,145 mm W 750 mm H 1,115 mm
Seat height795 mm
Weight221 kg (dry), 253 kg (wet)
Fuel capacity22 litre

The Honda X11 is a black/blue/yellow or red sports bike with a 1137 cm³ liquid cooled engine with a 90's style cooling unit at its fore end. The Honda CB1100SF, as it is called by Honda, is a muscle bike having an excellent straight line stability and at the same time as developing new and revolutionary designs into the X-11. Honda has taken the best from the rest of its fleet and incorporated them into the X-11. The X-11 has the Dual Combined Brake System and the fuel injection control unit from the Honda Blackbird and the Honda VFR. As well as Low-Emission HECS3, Honda's new Evolutional Catalysing System previously only in the Swiss and German versions of the Blackbird and VFR.[1]


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