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The Honda XL 125 Varadero is an Enduro-style four stroke 125 cc motorcycle with a V-twin engine produced since 2001.

It is the biggest 125 on the market with the appearance of a much larger motorcycle, therefore very popular with taller riders, especially learners (over 6 ft (1.8 m)) as it provides a much more comfortable ride than its peers. Although shorter riders (below Template:Convert/LoffAonDbSoff2) will find it uncomfortable and hard to mount.

An updated model (07) is now on sale, with a revised instrument cluster, body mounted mirrors (as opposed to handlebar mounted) and new bodywork. This new model has injectors instead of carburetors. It has also been fitted with a catalytic converter to meet new emission laws for motorbikes. However the new model is slightly heavier that the previous model and it has less power, now 14 bhp (10.4 kW) as opposed to 15 bhp (11.2 kW).

The Varadero currently retails at £3,349 in the UK.