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Sixth generation
1996-1998 Honda Civic sedan (US)
AssemblySwindon, England, United Kingdom
Suzuka, Japan
East Liberty, Ohio, United States
Alliston, Ontario, Canada
Lahore, Pakistan
Sumaré, Brasil
South Africa
Body style(s)2-door targa 2-door convertible 2-door coupe (EJ6/7/8/EM1)
3-door hatchback (EK)
4-door sedan (EJ6/8)
5-door hatchback (based on the Domani)[1]
4-door wagon (based on the Domani)
LayoutFront engine, front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine(s)1.5 L D15Z4
1.6 L D16Y4 I4 (AUS version)
1.6 L D16Y5 I4
1.6 L D16Y7 I4
1.6 L D16Y8 I4
1.6 L B16A2 I4
1.6 L B16B I4
1.8 L B18B4 I4
1.8 L B18C4I4
Transmission(s)5-speed manual
4-speed automatic
CVT - HX only
Wheelbase103.2 in (2.621 m)
Length164.5 in (4.178 m) (1996-97 hatchback)
164.2 in (4.17 m) (1998-2000 hatchback)
175.1 in (444.8 cm) (coupe & sedan)
Width67.1 in (1.70 m)
Height54.1 in (1.37 m) (coupe)
54.7 in (1.39 m)(sedan)
Curb weight2,319 lb (1,052 kg)
Fuel capacityTemplate:Convert/usgal
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ManualsService Manual

The sixth-generation Honda Civic was introduced in 1996. It retained its class-leading handling as it, along with the fourth and fifth generations, had front and rear double wishbone suspension, the advanced four-wheel independent suspension inspired by Honda's racing research. However, the sixth iteration of Civic did not have the high power-to-weight ratio as its two predecessors had. Since 2001, succeeding Civics have used the simpler front MacPherson strut.

Trims and equipment (US)

Coupe: Trims available in the coupe body style were the DX, HX, EX and Si (only 1999 and 2000) (designated as the EJ6/7/8 and EM1, respectively).
Hatchback: Trims available in the hatchback body style were the CX and the DX (EK2 and EK3).
Sedan: Trims available in the sedan body style were the Value Package, Vi-RS (EK3)[not available USDM], DX, LX (EJ6), EX (EJ8), GX (beginning in 1998) and Si (JDM).

All Civics had power steering standard, except the CX hatchback and all DX models with a manual transmission. DX models did not have amenities or options such as power locks and windows, cruise control, or the sunroof. Value Package trims came with a CD player and remote entry system. The LX trim (sedan only) added the power windows and locks and cruise control while the EX trim added the sunroof and map lights. The HX was specifically designed for better fuel efficiency and it had the same features as LX sedans except for cruise control.

Special Edition (SE) models were available in various North American markets. 1996 coupes could be had in a rosewood color in limited production. This color was a common color outside North America, but was fairly rare to see in US models. In Canada, the SE was an upgraded LX.

Most models had a standard AM/FM radio in the center dashboard with a backlit fredolo LCD display (except CX had no radio) but a slave cassette player or CD player was available through dealer-installed options and was installed in the forward portion of the console and was hidden from view when the cupholder was open. EX models had the slave cassette player standard. Dealers also offered AM/FM cassette and AM/FM CD decks to replace the stock radio. All vehicles were equipped with four speakers (except for the EX which included two extra tweeters located on the front doors), radio wiring (prep), and an antenna regardless of whether or not they had a radio.

Facelift or Minor Model Update

1999-2000 Civic coupe(US)
2000 Civic hatchback (US)

In 1999 the Civic had some updates for both the interior and exterior. The car received a face lift which included a new grille, new headlights, and a new front bumper and fenders and redesigned taillights. On the 1996 to 1998 sedans, the stop lights were on top of the reverse and turn lights, in 1999-2000 the reverse and turn lights were on top of the stop lights. For the coupe and hatchback the layouts remained as before; however, the rear turn signal lenses became clear/white instead of amber to match the reverse lights (the turn lights themselves now were amber).

Inside the center console had a makeover. The sliding air system controls were replaced by rotary ones, which freed up space to accommodate an enlarged radio, which included the cassette player or CD player. Previously, the large size of the ventilation controls reduced the size of the radio, necessitating a slave cassette player or CD player at the bottom of the console.


All CX, DX, Value Package, and LX models used the D16Y7 I4.

The HX had the D16Y5 and the EX had the D16Y8.

The Si used the B16A2. In the UK, Europe, Australia , South Africa and the Philippines, there were a number of sedans and aerodecks between 1996-2000 produced with the B16A,B16B,B18B and even B18C motors.

In the middle east, the civic came with a d15z4 engine for lXi and EXi civics, the engine has 105HP


Most models (DX, LX, EX, Si) were available with a standard 5-speed manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch, or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. The CX has an uncommon transmission with longer gears than the Si. The HX model was offered with the 5-speed manual or a CVT Continuously Variable Transmission which offered three driving ranges, D (for normal driving), S (for spirited driving with higher engine speeds), and L (to keep the engine running as low a speed as possible). The conventional 4-speed automatic was not available on the HX model.


CX Hatch DX Hatch DX Coupe HX Coupe EX Coupe
Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual
1996 2297 2222 2317 2242 2339 2262 no data 2313 2513 2483
1997 2238 2304 2253 2319 2271 2337 2324 2399 2460 2496
1998 2357 2295 2392 2339 2385 2342 2429 2361 2551 2504
1999 2423 2359 2434 2388 2405 2335 2445 2370 2560 2513
2000 2423 2359 2434 2388 2405 2359 2445 2370 2560 2513
DX Sedan LX Sedan EX Sedan Si Coupe Value Package Sedan
Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Manual Auto
1996 2370 2319 2430 2387 2568 2518
1997 2319 2370 2387 2438 2568 2518
1998 2385 2339 2458 2412 2558 2511
1999 2388 2339 2456 2410 2562 2513 2612
2000 2388 2339 2456 2410 2562 2513 2612 2418


The European Honda Civic 5 Doors Hatchback.

The JDM Civic Si Sedan (known as Ferio) featured a Template:Convert/PS DOHC VTEC engine, rear headrests, an Integra Type-R style shift knob, unique seating fabric and 15" alloy wheels that appeared on the 98-00 USDM Civic Si Coupe. Other JDM Ferio models included a model with the RealTime 4wheel drive and a rear wiper in the back window of the sedan, which was not seen in other markets.

Two distinctly different wagons were made- the Orthia, based on the "regular" Civic sedan, for Japan, and a Domani-based model, sold as Civic Aerodeck, for Europe. Neither were offered in North America. A Domani based 5-doors hatchback was also offered for sale in Europe alongside the regular Civic model from 1995-2001. Compared to the original Domani, the European Civic 5 Doors and Aerodeck featerd a new interior, similar to those of the Rover 400.


Canadian models were mostly similar to US models, though with different designations. Generally, the EX was called the Si, while the Si was called the SiR. Canadian Civic sedans came in LX and EX, which would roughly correspond to the American DX and LX; there was no Canadian equivalent to the American EX sedan. Civic coupes came in DX, Si, and SiR, the equivalent of the DX, EX, and Si in the United States. Only the EX sedan and Si coupe had power locks and power windows, the Si coupe was the only Canadian Civic model with a power moonroof. All sedans and coupes had a group option package available that added air conditioning and anti-lock brakes. The hatchbacks which came in CX and DX trims were sold as economy cars, so they had none of the amenities of the other models in the Civic lineup, not even as options. All sedans and coupes and the hatchback DX had two front airbags; while the CX had only the driver's side airbag.

Canadian SiR models included ABS brakes and heated mirrors which were not included on US Si models.

There was a change that occurred in the Si and SiR models from 1998 to 1999. The front bumper was altered to give two in-slots, which allowed customization to fit fog lights. The tail lights also changed to two pieces of red and white lights instead of the orange, red and white. The exterior paint was also changed, giving the newer models much shinier complexions. Many of the Si and SiR from 1999 to 2000 featured high tip wings, though low tip wings were also common.

Asian SiRII

From 1996 to 2000, Honda produced Civic SiRII which came with a B16A engine, but it was only available in Asian market. This engine produced 170hp@7800 rpm with a displacement of 1595 cc

Japanese Type-R

There was also a Japanese domestic market only Civic Type-R, that was only available as a hatchback and 5 speed manual with LSD. This model was equipped with a very powerful B16B (Template:Convert/hp@8200 rpm)(AKA PCT), which is essentially a destroked version of the Integra Type-R B18C engine. The chassis was given the designation EK9. The EK9 was very special as it was essentially based on the JDM EK4 SiR but taken out of the production line and given additional reinforcement to the chassis and body shell. Weight was also meticulously removed to create a light weight racecar feel. Other additions over the EK4 were bigger brakes, quicker steering ratio, specially tuned suspension, Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel, titanium shift knob, front lip spoiler, rear wing, smoked headlights and a hand built engine that embodied the racing spirit of Honda. This engine featured a hand ported cylinder head, lighter flywheel, redesigned cam profiles, high compression pistons and balanced crankshaft. The gearbox was fitted with a helical type limited slip differential.

South Africa 180i Civic

The 5th and 6th generation Civic (Ballade as it was known) was available with the Acura Integra B18B3 and B18B4 engine, respectively.

United Kingdom VTI / VTI-S

1997 saw the introduction of the VTI model and then a limited edition VTI-S (not in coupe format). The 3 door and 2 door coupe models were equipped with the B16A2 vtec engine and the 5 door hatchback and Aerodeck equipped with the B18c4. The 5 door versions included a Torsen limited slip differential. All versions had front and rear disc brakes. The VTI-S only came in pirates black, both in the 3 and 5 door. The 3-5 door had a front and rear lip on the bumpers that were only available on these models. Both models had different kits from each other. They also came with a set of speedline wheels which were lighter than the normal VTI wheels.